Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Thaw and Cookies for Duke Dog – a Thursday Picture Quickie!

“They Say” Spring is just around the corner….  Up at the Lake this past weekend, it sure FELT like it was knocking hard at winter’s door.  Aside from it being a windy weekend, the sun peaked out, the ice and snow melted creating mini rivers and lakes…. It actually felt warm outside, sun reflecting hot off the snow covered ground.  Although does appear that Winter isn’t leaving without a fight (we woke up to a dusting of snow, and our famous Coquihalla Highway is still a winter wonderland) ….after weekends like we just had at the lake, I just know Spring is coming!! I even feel a little more motivated – planning out meals, trying to be more active, first attempt of dusting off the ole' Winter Blues. So, in light of me not NEEDING a plate of sweet ooey gooey goodness  to graze on.. I decided to try out something just for Duke Dog.
I’ve honestly never before even thought of baking my own doggie treats, I’m typically too busy trying the latest dinner dish, mixing up a new bread recipe, or baking my OWN darn sweet treats.  BUT, in the month of March.. continuing on with that whole “moderation” theme, and knowing I reaaaaalllllyy don’t need a fresh batch of cookies.. or chocolate.. or…. *sigh* I decided to try out a recipe from one of the sites I’ve newly discovered.  Peanut Butter & Bacon Cookies from Doggy Dessert Chef  . 
If you love your pooch at allll, check out this site.  I can’t wait to try out more of the different recipes, and if Duke’s reaction to them are anything like last night and his own plate of cookies – I’m sure any canine would be in heaven!   For Full Recipe – check click the link:  Doggy Dessert Chef .

Here’s a few pictures from the Spring Thaw… it’s amazing, after being in Alaska last year, and seeing the REAL-LIFE Glaciers and their paths, activity trails, when you walk around and check out what the snow and ice melting is doing.. you realize, it’s really not all that different.  Heck – who needs Alaska when you have your own MINI glaciers melting and carving their way through to wherever the water flow will take them.
Got Ice?!
The creek that drains into Allison Lake is opening up, just another sign things are starting to heat up! (Guess there's no more snowmobiling over top that water opening eh?!)
Puddles are forming on top of the frozen lake… not so sure about snowmobiling over these either!  (yes honey, I KNOW the ice is *still* pretty thick)….
Somewhere under there… there’s a dock that’s quietly waiting to host Centsless! Can you say APU3 this year?!?!
For those that know/knew “Tiffany” …  she’s hanging on… barely….

Annnnnd because I’m a “dog snob”’s a few more pictures of Duke & his own Special Cookies!  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Very nice pictures...gorgeous pup...

  2. thank you!! We kinda like Duke too! haha :) (and Duke likes the camera)