Thursday, August 9, 2012

A SUPER HERO PUNCH for a Bunch of Super.....people!

For 3 years running, we send out invite to our friends and family to join us up at our little spot of heaven in the Interior of BC. Good friends, good food, “camping” and the odd shenanigan to keep it all interesting are all included. This past weekend was that annual event, which I believe proved to be the best one yet!  The theme – SUPER HEROS.  YUP – even “grown-ups” like to show off their inner Super Hero self once in awhile.  (just sayin’…don’t judge!) The weekend has a loose itinerary, arrival on the Friday night, a group Potluck on the Saturday and the twist this year – Beer Tasting on the Sunday.  (It was a long weekend after all!) Mother Nature cooperated – and the Sun heated things up all day – which meant thirsty evenings! The Host House potluck contribution this year – my very own Super Hero Punch!
It’s light – fruity – and definitely has a *PUNCH* and a *KICK* that will quench the thirst of any *adult* Super Hero! I went with “summer” fruit flavours and adding frozen mixed berries to help keep the punch cool without watering down the punch too much. (Though in 40C weather… a little ice had to be added) Be fair warned… this stuff is YUMMY! Perfect for a hot summer’s night!
Super Hero Punch
·         2  (1 litre containers) White Cranberry Juice
·         2 (1 litre containers) Peach Juice (no sugar added)
·         2 (1 litre containers) Lemon Lime Soda
·         1 (750ml) bottle of Absolut GRAPEVINE Vodka
·         4 cups frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, blackberries) – or whatever you chose!
·         Ice ( optional )
- Mix all ingredients in a large jug, adding the frozen fruit last.
- Serve Immediately!
The APU weekend for me is months of planning, and it’s truly a pleasure to see it all come together!  I love hosting fun events like this…and I think sometimes it’s the smaller details that makes a great event successful!  I mean, come on, all Super Hero’s need someone to “change”… or attend to the call of nature… you know.. whatever … even Super Hero’s need to___.  ANYWAYS…
This is our Outhouse BEFORE the transformation, and AFTER!  Not too bad eh!? What Superman WOULDN'T want to use that to ...make a call. :)
Being that this year we decided to hold the event on the long weekend,  we added a 2nd mini-event (aside from the normal potluck), and our good friend, and neighbor up at the lake, hosted a Beer Tasting Event for all of us hero’s!  Of course, we all needed to taste beer the correct way – out of a glass… SO, recruiting my honey and a good friend.. we set to work!  Each person that participated in the Beer Tasting received their own “collectible” (ha ha) take home APU3 glass!  So easy to make… such a small detail… but appears to have been well received!
It’s easy! – Either purchase re-usable stencils (which I did for the lettering), or you can buy a blank sheet, which we cut out our own APU3 Stencil.  Using a paintbrush, and a small bottle of Armour Etch (found at any craft store), paint in the stencil, wait 60 secs, and wash off with water! That’s it! Your design is permanently “etched” into your glass of choice!  One set of stencils, a 3 oz bottle of Armour Etch and 1 paint brush was able to make over 40 glasses, and I still have a smidgen left over!
Eric from BigEZ Beer Reviews did a fantastic job introducing us to several beers from our beautiful province! Informative, knowledgeable …and knows how to just have fun with the group… can’t wait to try and convince him to do one next year! 
Over all…. All I can say is WOW.  The costumes.. the fun times…. Oh Red Solo Cup…. I can’t wait until next year to do it all again!  Hmm… wonder what the theme will be!! For those that made the trek, through long-weekend traffic-to joined us – THANK YOU!!  To those that put up with us invading their property and quiet neighbourhood - THANK YOU!!… it’s truly a team effort that makes a weekend like this a true success!!