Tuesday, June 3, 2014

NJAC V2.0...Pizza on the BBQ

June. EEEK.  Where has the time gone?  So much has changed. Where to even start.. "hmm".  Well...  First off the West Coast this week has been absolutely blessed with sunshine.  Not too hot.  Not too cold.  Just beautiful.  Patio all dressed up.. full tank of propane.  Bring on Summer!  This is my latest version of my Pizza on the BBQ... let's call it V2.0... It's simple.. it's made with FRESHLY snipped Basil from my own herb planter!!  (yes.. I'm excited.. the herbs in my planter are actually GROWING! Who knew that  there could be a lil' bit of a green thumb in me!)... It's easy peasy.. and whether you are cooking for 2.. or.. ahem.. umm..hmm.. just 1.. this is just the right size (and leftovers make an awesome lunch!)
So after work this evening.. the sun was shining, motivation was high... Kenzie and I headed out on an evening run before I dove into the dinner plans for the evening.  Oh wait.. some of you may.. or may not know who Kenzie is... WELL... Kenzie my newest "addition".  Best running buddy ever.. and Wylie's best friend and "sister". I adopted/rescued Kenzie in the fall last year, and can't even imagine life without her.  With her bright blue eyes..she has absolutely melted my heart. Who knew I could find a dog that would love to cuddle as much as I do?! :)   Wylie and Kenzie... they are my life.  With all the crazy turns life takes.. one thing that remains constant is I get to come home to 2 unconditionally loving, loyal and amazing animals.  They are not just pets.. they are my companions. My family.

Of course.. I have to show off Wylie.. haha what a character, he's really taken to Kenzie, and his personality.. well.. haha pretty sure he thinks he's a dog... 
Annnnnyways.... back on subject.....Tonight, I used my fresh basil leaves I snipped off, feta, a basic tomato pizza sauce and cooked up some ground spicy Italian sausage, and of course, my basic pizza dough recipe.  (For some reason.. which I'm working on..but my old posts are not showing pictures.. UGH. HELP. SOMEONE!?..ANYONE!? so please excuse the earlier posts...I'm trying to find a solution ASAP).  The trick with Pizza on the BBQ is to keep it simple and light.  You'll love the crispy crust, and how quick it cooks on the BBQ...  as a good friend of mine would famously say.. A--MAZING! :p 

Pizza on the BBQ V2.0

  • Pizza dough (recipe here)
  • Pizza sauce (I used store bought garlic tomato pizza sauce)
  • fresh basil
  • 1/4 cup feta
  • 1/2 package Johnsonville ground Hot Italian Sausage
  • extra olive oil to grease pan / dough
- Mix up your dough per recipe
- Dough should form a nice ball, not stick to your fingers, when ready.  Add some olive oil to lightly coat bowl, cover and place dough in a draft free spot to rise ( about double in size).
- While dough is rising.  Cook up Italian Sausage, set aside to cool a bit.
- Snipe off your fresh basil... (or your fresh produce aisle should have some as well)...
HEEHEE!!  I grew that!!  Yes, I'm excited. Yes. I'm also kind of surprised. Don't judge! haha... now hopefully more will grow...  as I reeeaalllyyy love the idea of fresh herbs at my disposal! 

-Once dough is about double the size, remove from bowl, and with lightly greased hands, form the pizza crust (no need to be perfect... rustic is best!) and place on a lightly greased pizza pan.
- Preheat BBQ, all burners on high.  You want to start with as hot of a BBQ as you can to help get the perfect crust, and cook your pizza quick

- Add a light layer of sauce, add fresh basil leaves, cooked Italian sausage, and sprinkle feta
*Optional... pour yourself a glass of wine here... you've earned it... just cause. (I mean.. that's what I did anyways...)*

- Place Pizza in the center of the BBQ - all burners still on high.

- Close Lid - **this is where your pre-poured glass of wine comes into play** take a sip!  CHEERS!!
- This part shouldn't take too long.. after about 5 mins - check on the pizza, see how it's doing.  If you find the bottom of the crust is getting too crisp - turn the center burners down - or even off - to allow time for the rest of the pizza to catch up.  Once the crust is golden, and the cheese a little melted,  you are good to go!  Remove from BBQ, cut up..  Pour yourself another glass of wine.. and Enjoy!
.... just one more.... before I sign off for the evening... ( Kenzie had to try the crust as well.. I mean hey... more taste-testers the better right?!)

AND this time... It won't be months until I say hello again... I mean.. even "this chick" needs to eat :) 


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