Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Secret Slow Cooker Pulled Pork…really…come on CANUCKS!!

What can I say?! Who’d of thought after they pulled it off, won the President’s Cup for a 2nd time in a row, that we’d be here, down 3 games, and now fighting to stay alive in ROUND 1?!?!  DOH!   People are switching it up….  Normal playoff routines changing in efforts to help.   Beards are gone.  Legs are shaven.  Jerseys…GASP…washed.  Me, umm… maybe I’ll stay awake through this game?!  Bad girl I know.
SO, IF you are STILL on that ole’ bandwagon (which I am… heck, why jump now), and are looking for a low maintenance dinner – one that you practically just come home to and it’s made… then my Slow Cooker Pulled Pork is perfect.   I’ve served this on many a game night.  Fed large crowds of hungry cowboys, and it typically is the first to go.  If they ONLY knew my little secret… how simple and easy this is.  There are millions of recipes out there that use all different kind of spices / dry rubs etc… all yummy in their own ways, however, there is just something  good about this recipe that makes it a perfect game night meal, OR even a crowd pleaser for potlucks.   This one is melt in your mouth tender, juicy and lean. Leftovers taste great the next day.  YUP, love me some good pulled pork! 

Since I happen to really appreciate and loooove all my blog followers.. I decided, why not, share.. spread the simple joy of this recipe…however, there IS a catch.   The main flavoring ingredient for this simple dish, is one that you just can’t walk into any Canadian Grocery store and pick up. Darn.  Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce.  YUP that’s it.  (that alone is worth a trek cross the border to our American neighbors- just sayin’)  Forget all the different spices concoctions, all the dry rubs, all the overnight marinating etc.  Do those versions taste great?!  Heck yeah.  Do I always think ahead, plan… or even really have TIME for all that?!... I’m not known to be a patient woman.  NOPE… take after my Baba.   ANYWAYS, even if you don’t have your mitts on this awesome Jack Daniel’s BBQ Sauce, any of your typical favorite bottled BBQ Sauce will do.  Pair the pulled pork with some toasted garlic bread, and simple coleslaw mix – POOF Game night dinnerpotluck pleaserquick & easy weeknight meal.   Did I mention it ONLY has 3 ingredients?!
Slow Cooker Pulled Pork

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
·         2.5 lbs pork tenderloin
·         1 ½ cup favorite BBQ Sauce (I swear by Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce…any flavor!)
·         ½ cup water
-          Spray inside of slow cooker pot with a bit of cooking spray, which I find makes clean up so much easier.
-          Place Pork tenderloin inside, I was able to lay mine side by side, however, it doesn’t matter.
-     Pour in BBQ Sauce, water, flip the tenderloin over a couple times to ensure top they are fully covered.
-      Set timer – 8-9 hours on LOW  :)
-     When ready to go – take 2 forks, and pull meat, shredding it completely.  If you would like, you can add more sauce, or even remove pork from pot and shred on cutting board to cut the amount of sauce. (this is your own taste preference, I leave it all in the pot, and mix well)
Serve with Garlic bread, salad and ENJOY!

Change up the flavor profile by using different types of BBQ Sauce.  Hickory Smoked BBQ adds a nice Smokey BBQ flavor to the meat…. Or maybe try a BOLD BBQ Sauce to kick it up a notch!  Choice is yours.
AND – I’ll say it again, hopefully NOT for the last time this play-off season…. 


  1. Tried it. Was awesome! Super easy, low maintenance. Although agreed, se a GOOD BBQ sauce. I just used whatever was in the fridge. Also what WAS good was I added about 4 cloves of crushed fresh garlic (LOVE garlic) an instead of 1/4c water, used whiskey!

    So ya. Need a GOOD bold BBQ sauce and I would have had it perfect. (will be trying that JD stuff next time)

  2. I love making my pulled pork in the slow cooker. It makes life super easy. This recipe sounds really tasty.

  3. Thanks guys! ...love this recipe, and Mikey -love your way of thinking w/ the whiskey & garlic!! may just need to try it that way next time! Thanks again :)

  4. Sweet, the Canadian Living one had way more steps.. this looks much easier. Trying it with Diana Smokehouse.. can't find the JD

    1. Diana's is great too! Any good quality - thick sauce works... I just have a love of JD :)