Thursday, April 26, 2012

Taco Spring Rolls and a sneak peak to our “yard project”…

I am called many a things… Martha Stewart, Better Crocker, Social Coordinator… Dog Snob.. the list goes on.  I can do many a “things”.  Gardening has not been a forte.  Nope, “green thumbs” do NOT run in the immediate family.   That being said, when we decided to freshen and clean up the front yard, I jumped right in.  Dirty Hands don’t scare me! So far, I think we’ve (haha, okok, so it’s MOSTLY been my honey - BUT, I’ve put in some “time” too) done a bang up job!  I’m absolutely loving seeing all the little buds of who knows what (so maybe the average garden guru would know) poking their heads through the soil.  It’s so satisfying when you clip and clean up old growth, allowing the new buds / new growth to shine on through.  That being said, the last few weekends have been marathon sessions outside. WHICH means dinner’s have to be a bit more creative and quick and easy..and… no.. NOT take out! haha  (last thing I want after being outside ALL day is to go in, clean up, and make a big production of dinner.  Taco Spring Rolls fit perfectly.  You can make ahead and freeze if needed, removing from freezer and baking just the amount you need.  They are a perfect light dinner, or great as an appetizer. Few ingredients, easy baking make this an awesome “late night” snack.
Here’s a sneak peak of all the “new” items in our yard.  The different colors add life to the front, while the unique selection of plants (my honey rocks!) shows a creative side that looks both natural (and hopefully “lower” maintenance) than some popular garden choices. With the weekend just around the corner, maybe this will give you a little more motivation to get outside! haha.. okok, maybe just get outside. period. 
Though I still can’t pronounce their true name… go ahead and laugh, I kept calling these “herbivores” I had to have this one as the name of the plant has the word “wine” in it! Haha ANYWAYS… love the look, and there appears to be all kinds of varieties like the ones below…
This lil’ guy’s green/teal color pop’s perfectly against the fresh top soil....
Then there’s these lil’ guys (well little for now so I’ve been told, as the old spot in the yard where we had them, they were being smothered, can’t wait to see these grow up)….
That’s all you can see for now!  (as to be honest, we’ve reseeded the entire front yard, so it looks more like a dirt pit than the new and improved front yard we're working towards...let they green GRASS grow!) Though I’ve enjoyed the time in the garden… I should probably stick with what I know…  and work on my green thumb slowly.  I will say one thing though, being outside in the fresh air all day…  sure works up the growlies!  SO, back to the recipe at hand…  Taco Spring Rolls.
Taco Spring Rolls
·         1 package egg roll wrappers
·         1 lb ground chicken (turkey works too)
·         1 pkg taco seasoning
·         ½ cup onion dices
·         ½ cup shredded cheese
·         1 egg, beaten with a splash of water
- In a frying pan, over medium heat, cook ground chicken fully
- Add taco seasoning per directions on package
- Remove from stove, and let cool a bit.
- Placing 1 egg roll wrapper on counter, add a spoonful of meat in centre of wrapper

- Place a pinch of the diced onion on top
- Place a pinch of cheese on top of onion
- Fold bottom half of wrapper over top of filling, pressing down sides
- Fold over each side , pressing down lightly
- Now roll wrapper, up onto open half of wrapper, sealing filling in.
- Place each egg roll onto a lightly greased baking sheet
- Once all are made, light brush egg wash over each spring roll
- Preheat oven to 375F, and place in oven, cooking for about 20 mins or until golden brown.  Flip Eggrolls half way to ensure even cooking.
Serve with a dollop of salsa, sour cream, sprinkle of cheese.  Guacamole would be great with this as well!  YUM YUM
Whatever you choose to do this weekend… enjoy!


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