Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich and a toast to lasting memories...

Summer has FINALLY started… well, hopefully.  I mean, Mother Nature CAN be a tease… BUT I’m ok with that, as long as we have weekends like this past one.  This weekend marked a mini-anniversary for my extended circle of friends… we had our “5th Annual 1st Camping Trip of the Season” (say that 10x fast)…and though it wasn’t the first camping trip of 2012 for EVERYONE in the group… it was for me…and I believe a chunk of the 14 or so people that joined us.  Just like previous- (5 years and counting) - we gathered at Golden Ears Provincial Park and kicked off another season of enjoying the outdoors, catching up with friends…and THIS year…heading out and enjoying Aloutte Lake!  The sun was shining, the campfires were bright…and of course good times were flowing!  For the most part, meal planning is kept to a minimum, however, “they” do say breakfast is the most important part of the meal… SO, with that in mind, I thought I’d share our “Breakfast Staple”  when we are roughing it. Breakfast Ham & Egg Sandwiches.  These babies are quick and easy, no messy bacon grease to deal with, no long and detailed ingredients, and in my opinion taste BETTER than the fast-food, drive-thru variety.
I think a good friend of mine summed it up best, the first night around the fire… (forgive me if I jumble and stumble on how exactly it went) “Even though our daily lives take us on different paths in life, on this weekend, all our paths have crossed, and we are here to enjoy, cheers to good friends!”  Kinda cheesy I guess.. but in the… warm fuzzy sort of way.  It’s the truth; though we may not talk every day, though we may not SEE each other for extended periods of time… weekends like these make you appreciate and cherish those that are in your life. It really meant a lot for me personally, as though life throws curve balls at you… and sometimes you feel like you’re on a never ending rollercoaster….  It’s time spent like this past weekend that allows you to stop worrying about reality and just kick back and enjoy, even if for only a short period of time.   **kisses**hugs**andallthatmushystuff** to all of my friends, without you.. I’d be lost.
Our home away from home! ... with parking for the boats... fancy eh?! haha
With temperatures in the mid-high 20’s, there was no way anyone was keeping me away from the water.  It still shocks me that such a beautiful place is less than 20mins from my doorstep!
During the day we were out on the water front and anchored next to Gold Creek.  So beautiful… even IF the water was a little chilly… the brave ones still managed a quick dip.
Nights of course were spent around the fire.  I will remember weekends like these for a long time… and am alreading looking forward (and waaaay ahead) to the 10th Annual 1st Camping Trip of the season…  can only imagine what it will be like to look back over the previous trips! Haha. …..  okok, now on to the quick-n-easy breakfast, as with late nights, long days…and the occasional wobbly pop…. Breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea….
Ham & Egg Breakfast Sandwich
·         English Muffins ( I used extra crisp)
·         Eggs
·         Blackforest Ham, sliced
·         Sliced marbled cheese
·         Butter/margarine
·         Cooking spray (PAM)
-          Heat BBQ to medium/low temperature
-          Spray a mini-egg frying pan with Pam Cooking spray
-          Crack egg into frying pan, using tip of knife or fork, gently break yolk if desired (helps cook a little faster)
-          Cut English muffin in half, place cut side down on BBQ grill to toast
-          When Egg is almost cooked, and Muffin is toasted, flip muffin so tasted cut side is up and place slices of cheese on 1 half of English muffin.
-          Place a slice of ham directly on grill to lightly heat up
-          Butter 2nd half of English muffin and place heated ham on
-          When egg is cooked and cheese melted flip egg onto cheese topped half
-          Top with ham slice, and remaining half of English muffin
**Careful, sandwich is hot!  I personally am good with 1 muffin, however, depending on how hungry your group is, plan on 1 – 2 sandwiches per person…serve with fresh fruit.
I think this last picture sums up the weekend for everyone. A very happy…FINALLY TIRED…Duke Dog.  (Guess it’s exhausting - all that stick fetching, swimming and boat rides… whew!)

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  1. Mike and I had a great time Kelly!! It is true... with all our busy schedules... it was nice to have everyone together for the weekend.

    Till next time...

    Lynnae :)