Thursday, July 26, 2012

BBQ Stuffed Jalapenos & Mushrooms..take a walk on the wild side

I am LOVIN' the BBQ Season... Who *needs* to (or wants to for that matter) turn on the oven when you can sit outside..and cook everything on the BBQ.  With the sun shining, glass of vino in hand.. I'm presenting you some BBQ'd Stuff Jalapenos & Mushrooms.  The ingrediant list is small and simple, only minimal time on a stove top and these puppies have just the right amount of KICK to keep it all interesting!
You control a bit of the spice level by choosing which Italian Sausage you put in... for us, I went HOT! YUM! (With a side gulp of my spice tolerance is a work in progress)  Personally.. I think these add just the perfect pop to any tasty BBQ Meal, I paired it with BBQ Chicken, corn on the cob and a fresh ceasar salad.  Have I mentioned I loved BBQ'ing lately?! that and I love "digital macro"..  I know.. random.. buuuutttt prior to the whole BBQ Dinner thing, we had the dog out for a walk around the lake and I couldn't help but notice all the Wild Flowers in full bloom... even Duke Dog took a walk on the wild side shaking off after a session of sticks/swimming in the lake...
These pictures were taken using my slowly dying Canon Point and Shoot Camera... I know I'm going to have to start shopping for a new one soon... but it's going to be hard to replace such a fun camera...
It's no wonder my allergies have been bad... but I really do love it when everything's in full bloom, such a contrast to the FROST Pictures I posted a few months back... hard to believe it's the same place!
Guess we're practically half way to the cold season already... eeek!!! *happy warm thoughts* *sun shiny days* ...  annnnd back to the BBQ Season....
BBQ'd Stuffed Jalapenos & Mushrooms
  • 1 lb ground Italian Sausage (I used HOT, but any flavour would work)
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar Cheese
  • 1 brick cream cheese
  • 24 assorted Jalapenos & white mushrooms for stuffing
- Over Med-High Heat fully cook ground Italian Sausage
- Remove from Heat, and set aside
-Place cream cheese in mixer bowl, using paddle attachment, mix until smooth
-Add your shredded Cheese

- Add Cooked Sausage
- Mix on med-low speed until well combined

- Carefully (use gloves) slices jalapenos in half, and remove seeds
- Clean mushrooms, and pop off stems

-Using a small spoon, stuff jalapeno's and mushrooms and place on a foil tray (or pan that is ok on the bbq)
- Place tray on BBQ, and over low heat with cover closed - bbq peppers/mushrooms until the bottoms are slightly browned and the cheese is melted with a hint of a golden brown tops
-Remove from BBQ, and let sit for 5 mins!  YUM YUM!
BBQ'd Stuffed Jalapeno's
BBQ'd Stuffed Mushroom's
You can stuff just about any pepper/mushroom with just about any combination of fillings you'd like and toss em' on the grill!  How about a Neptune Stuffed Jalapeno- crab meat, cream cheese, shrimps  or a Feta, Spinach, Mozzarella, ricotta mushrooms...  play a little and enjoy!!! 
Have a Great Weekend!


  1. yummy, gotta try this! christiecricket

    1. thanks! they were tasty... since then also tried Mushrooms stuffed w/ crab, feta and fresh wilted spinach! So yum!