Thursday, July 5, 2012

Strawberry Poppers to you from Canada...

Being as though our Country's birthday happened to fall on a weekend this year... we of course had to Celebrate in True Canadian Fashion over the whole LONG WEEKEND.  Living up to some of the typical stereo types (Ok, well some, as there was no SNOW..oops.. there was on the mountain pass to get to the lake) UMMM ok.. no Igloos... HA.. there... no igloos.. BUUUT there was Beer.. Good Friends.. Fresh Mountain Air... annnd more Good BEER.. just a bit of lumberjack plaid... and of course.. Good Food!  Keeping with our Red & White theme... I made a quick and easy snack for around the fire... Strawberry Poppers - kind of like those Strawberry Cheesecake thingies you see all over Pinterest *love*, but with my own twist....
They are light, easy to "pop" into your mouth... and any left over filling makes a YUMMY fruit dip! Just saying... this is one of those lick the spoon kinda fillings.... 

This looooong weekend is one for the memory books. With all the curve balls that life throws at us, it's great to be able to turn that cell phone off (not like there's cell service there anyways) gather up good friends and enjoy some fun outdoor times!  The weather.. while it was rainy on the Coast... the sun shined...and the moon shone even brighter up at the lake!

We spent the day out on the water...most coming in a little *sun kissed*, while evenings were spent around the fire... even tossed a little beer tasting in! (As what would a Canadian Celebration be without a little beer drinking!) Thanks to our good friend and neighbour Eric for putting on a good spread of some great craft beers!  My favorites, and just "had to mentions" are one that was made by Howe Sound Brewing  - the 4 Way Fruit Ale , hints of mango, passion fruit..among others...  YUM.  Then there's the "talk" of the afternoon.. some liked it, others went "what the....?!?!" me... how can you go wrong with a BACON Maple Ale - from Rogue Ales ...  not sure I could drink it all night, but with the bottle bright pink, and a unique trendy flavour profile.. count me in for the tasting!

For those attending APU3... a little foreshadowing perhaps?! ....  details to be announced and confirmed.. just sayin'!!  :)

Of course as the sun went down... we had to stop and snack... put on a layer... and then... continue the festivities! Homemade BBQ Pizza made the menu, as well as some awesome Canada Cupcakes...
ANNNND a little nightime shenanigans....
haha...again another idea from Pinterest ... do you follow me yet?!  The "L" ... I had to get creative.. but it works right?! haha  Coooooooooool EH!?

Over all - great weekend... was able to "switch off" reality for a bit, and kick back and enjoy!  Now on to the reason why you're probably (hopefully?!) reading this....

Strawberry Poppers
  • 2  bricks of cream cheese (8oz each)
  • 1/2 cup whipping cream (plus tad more to adjust filling consistency if needed)
  • 1/2 cup icing sugar
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla extra
  • pinch of Vanilla Sea Salt (regular sea salt works in a pinch)
  • 2 lbs fresh strawberries
  • 8 graham crackers, crushed
- Using your mixer with the paddle attachment on, add cream cheese and whipping cream and mix until smooth in consistency (no chunks of cream cheese left!)
- Add in icing sugar, continue to mix
- Add in Vanilla, Sea Salt, and MIX until it nice and smooth - and had a thick, but still able to slowly drizzle off a spoon
- The key here is to have the mixture as smooth as possible...
- Washing strawberries first, carefully hull out the centres

- Then slice a thin amount off the bottom of the berry so it sits upright on a plate
- Using a piping bag (ziplock bag with a corner cut off works perfect as well) , pipe filling into the hulled strawberries
- Stand them up on your serving plate as you go
- Using the crush graham crackers, either carefully dip the filled strawberry into the bowl, or, take a pinch of the crushed crackers and sprinkle over the top of the filled berries
- That's IT!  Just POP em' into your mouth and enjoy!! 

*If you are making these ahead, my suggestion is to follow instructions up to filling the berries.  Just cover them, and place in the fridge until ready to actually serve.  Just before serving, sprinkle the crushed graham crackers, as this will ensure they stay nice and crisp...adding a perfect texture to the smooth berry filling!*

Any leftover filling, put into a small bowl, and use as a fruit dip!  I served the leftover filling the next morning with some more berries and grapes... YUM YUM! 

Once again - Thank you to all who drove the couple hours and spent the weekend up with us...  you guys mean the world to me! 


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