Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nectarine-Mango Jam...a taste of SUMMER!

Well, I can honestly say.. Summer is here.  I'm a little sun-kissed...temperatures are heating up, boating in full season - AND local farmer's markets are popping up everywhere!  Yippee!!!  It's one of "those" things I find most difficult - Trying to balance between work-life-health-getting everything you'd LIKE to do checked off your list.  2 weeks ago already I had bought a bunch of delicious, frangrant nectarines and mangos at a Farmers Market that was just full to the brim of fresh local fruit. *heaven*!!  Cherries made it home too.. but those are long gone! *yum yum* ANYWAYS... my goal was to make a small batch of No-Pectin Added Jam, using reduced amount of sugar (I wanna taste the fruit..not added sugar), and the mango's & nectarines.  Well.. finally.. I did...
 The jam bursts with fresh fruit flavour, practically SCREAMS Summer!  (or ICECREAM for that matter! mmmmm nectarine-mango jam over icecream... mmmmm)  Super easy to make (following same guidelines as my No-Pectin Added Blueberry Jam from last year) no special equiptment required.  I had some half pint sized jars, and left over lids, so used those - but even those freezer jam plastic containers - or any airtight container will work!  You *can* continue to process these with the regular suggested canning methods, BUT, I figured cause' this is such a small batch, I'd just flip the hot jars/jam over once filled - and will keep in the fridge.  I'm positive it won't last long! (If you use a freezable container, this is good for up to a year!)

No-Pectin Added Nectarine Mango Jam

  • 3 cups TOTAL Nectarines / Mangos - fairly ripe (see below for tips on amount of fruit needed*)
  • 1 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 2 table spoons lemon juice
**You've got choices when you make this jam.  My household prefers "no chunks" in jams, so, I used a combination of nectarines/mangos that when pureed in food processor made up the 3 cups.

- Chop up peeled fruit, enough to equal 3 cups. (I used my food process to blend)

- If you are blending, pulse it on/off to ensure an even pureed and get rid of all the big chunks of fruit

- Pour 3 cups of fruit into a medium size pot
-Add Sugar / Lemon juice, and turn on to medium-high heat
- Stir mixture so everything combines well
- Bring fruit mixutre to a slow simmer, stirring frequently so you do not burn the bottom.
-Jam should be reduced to almost half - about 30 or so minutes.
- There are several ways to test in the no-pectin jam has jelled enough. The 2 method's I've been using, are as follows:
1 - using a candy thermometer, stick in the middle of jam, not touch bottom.  Jam is ready when it hits 220F
2 - Using a clean, cool metal spoon, dip spoon in jam, lift, and if the mixture drops off 2 drops at a time, it's ready.  (when you first put jam on stove, try it with the spoon, you'll see the mixture oozes right off, when the jam is ready - it'll just drip off 2 drops at a time)

- Once Jam is ready, remove from heat, and ladle into the containers you are wishing to store the jam in.  Make sure they are clean and dry. 
- Let cool on the counter, and if keeping it as fresh jam - place in fridge once cool!

This jam is perfect on toast - english muffins - you name it!  Also delicous as mention, warmed up a little and drizzled over ice cream...crepes... muffins... or insert a spoon and eat right out of the jar!! It's lilke Summer in a Jar!



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